John White


John White is a traditional English men’s shoemaker established in 1919. Based in Northampton, the heart of English shoe making, John White boasts a rich history. However, over the years the brand had lost touch with its heritage.

When we began work on the rebrand of John White, we felt it imperative to get the company back in touch with its roots and its founder John White. In order to do so, we set about designing a traditional coat of arms with a contemporary feel. We built this around the bull and white hart, the symbols of Northampton’s shoemaking industry. The bull is a symbol for strength and durability and the white hart elegance and style, combined they offer the perfect metaphor for John White shoes.

We also discovered that John White’s autobiography was called ‘KB – Keep Believing’. When he introduced his first range of shoes he made the first catalogue number KB 100. He told nobody what this stood for until 30 years later, when he explained it stood for his motto, ‘Keep Believing’. We embraced this traditional and British ethos, reintroducing the KB initials to form a pattern used across the brand.